Welcome to magic-horizon!


We are pleased you are visiting our website. What can you expect?

Magic-horizon is limited to the presentation of pictures. Expecting excessive reports, technical informations
or to learn something, you will be disappointed. But those who want to lay back and be entertained by
pictures, have at least the chance not to be belied. This is by all means our intention in running this website.
Magic-horizon makes an effort to satisfy your demand for entertainment. Successfully, as we hope.

What is there to see? Biggest topic on magic-horizon is the military aviation. We present pictures of airshows
and basevisits, among others out of Europe, USA, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, China and Taiwan. Next to current
exemplaries you will find photographies of legendary aircraft types as Starfighter, Vulcan, F-111, MiG-29 and
Phantom. They are attended by colourful pictures of the most famous aerobatic teams throughout the world.
Such as Red Arrows, Frecce Tricolori, Blue Angels, Black Eagles, Kris Sakti and Russian Knights.

Many of the pictures which are worth seeing come up not only on our tours around the world. They show
landscapes, cities, curiosities, people, animals and worldfamous buildings as the Petronas Towers in Kuala
Lumpur, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the Taipei 101.

Some of our galleries will grow, new ones will come up. The world of photography offers endless possibilities
which just wait to pounce on our photographers. So it is worth to drop by on regularly.

Who longs for traveljourneys or technical details nevertheless, is suggested to have a look on our partnersite Stephan has prepared some nice things there.

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